There is a wave of clowns terrorising the UK. I thought I would help everyone by identifying a few of them.

Jeremy Hunt

This clown is best viewed when he is being followed by the sousaphone player on the Last Leg. But look just past his bemused moronic face and there’s nothing funny to see. Jeremy Hunt is the longest serving health minister and what does he have to show for it?  Well he has plunged every single English NHS area in to deficit from being in surplus at the beginning of his reign. 

But Jeremy Hunt is probably best known as having left junior doctors with little choice other than to hold the first strike by doctors in 40 years after imposing an unsafe contract on them  which leaves patients at risk.

Voted the most unliked front line politician of any political party (blimey!), caught continually misrepresenting data (lying) and his most recent plans for the NHS have been criticised for driving away heavily-relied-on foreign doctors and failing to meet rising patient demands.

Don’t worry though, once the Tories, led by Clown Hunt, have completely destroyed the NHS, all their private healthcare chums will be there to swoop in and charge us for care. Jeremy Hunt has had this planned for sometime having written a plan for NHS privatisation in 2005.

On a positive note though, Jeremy Hunt has provided us with an opportunity for new cockney rhyming slang…

Nigel Farage

Little toad face xenophobic clown. What can you say about him really? Nigel Farage has to be just about the most repugnant person in British politics… Nay one of the most repugnant people in Britain… The world?

Nigel Farages’ legacy was well laid out by Caroline Lucas MP;

“Farage’s legacy is toxic and unforgivable. He has used his position to whip up hatred against migrants and divert attention from the real challenges this country is facing. During the referendum campaign he did the unimaginable by sinking to new lows. He will be remembered for that disgusting poster, and for using the suffering of refugees for his own political gain.

“Sadly we don’t live in a post-Farage Britain because he lives on through the capitulation of other politicians when it comes to migration. He began a race to the bottom on the issue – and many other politicians sadly followed suit. The biggest Establishment stitch-up in a generation has been blaming migrants for all of the problems we face – and Farage was the front man for this unforgivable campaign.”

The one consolation from Brexit should have been that Farage would finally bugger off. But no. He’s back. And now he’s joined forces with the bright orange American clown to create a kind of mutated, hate-filled, lumbering, super-mysoginistic orangutan. Farage has been particularly spew-inspiring this week defending Trump breathing about sexually assaulting women.

Theresa May

Currently the unelected Prime Minister of a UK government that 76% of the population didn’t vote for. She’s also known for having a complete disdain for human rights most notably seen in the ‘secret courts’ she introduced, in which people can find themselves in the Kafkaesque situation of being charged for a crime without knowing what that crime is.

Currently May is leading a bumbling and increasingly xenophobic Conservative government through a ‘hard Brexit’ which will see the UK alienated from the EU, with a dwindling currency and foreigners being identified through branding… if Amber Rudd has her way.

Despite her lofty statements upon taking office (no-one voted her remember?) or new Conservative Party slogans of being a party ‘that works for everyone’ Theresa May’s government is anything but. For starters this is just David Cameron’s government repackaged; that is a government that has overseen the biggest public spending cuts in our history and pushing nearly a million people so far in to poverty that they haven’t been able to feed themselves. May is still committed to ideological austerity which cuts from the poorest and most vulnerable whilst at the same time providing tax cuts to the richest, whilst simultaneously stunting economic growth.

The danger posed by the right-wing authoritarian clown Theresa May is well set out by Another Angry Voice. Keep an eye out for her.

So although there might be some concerning cases in the country of people dressing up and acting silly and sinister, don’t forget about these real clowns discussed here. 

Let’s face it, my list of evil clowns could have been much, much longer…