​Trump in America should be no surprise at all; billionaires are in control everywhere snatching up every bit of life and selling it back to us for a profit. What also should be of no surprise is the simpering congratulations from Theresa May lacking the backbone and decency to challenge Trump’s dangerous rhetoric.

Most billionaires like Branson don’t bother running for office though they just control from behind the scenes.

“Sir Richard Branson’s health firm, Virgin Care, has won a £700m contract to deliver 200 types of NHS and social care services to more than 200,000 people in Bath and north-east Somerset.
The contract, which was approved on Thursday, has sparked new fears about private health firms expanding their role in the provision of publicly funded health services.”

The Guardian

The fact that the Conservatives are slowly privatising the NHS is now well documented. Also will established is the link between private healthcare and Members of Parliament; you can see a full list of MP’s who have Private Healthcare interests here.

This just one slice of public life which is clearly increasingly owned and influenced by private companies and the rich. And of course there is much more.

So why then should we be surprised that a billionaire is now President of USA? Billionaires control everything the only difference is that they are not all as grotesquely overt as Trump.

The real mystery is why anyone would consider Trump to be ‘the outsider’ when he is so clearly a part of the wealthy establishment which is control everywhere?