Campaign group ask John Lewis to Stop Funding Hate, meanwhile the ‘respectable’ retailer is dodging contractual obligations with staff and leaving families out of pocket in the lead up to Christmas.

Retailer John Lewis, and other companies, have found themselves the subject of campaigns to stop funding hate. The campaign is currently trending on social media under #StopFundingHate and has been organised by the group Stop Funding Hate.

Stop Funding Hate have highlighted how John Lewis are backing the discriminatory, xenophobic and divisive rhetoric coming from newspapers The Daily Express, The Sun and The Daily Mail by paying large amounts to advertise in these newspapers.

Toymaker Lego released a statement 2 days ago stating that they would no longer be advertising in The Daily Mail after concerns expressed by fans and customers of the toys. 

But listening to BBC Radio 4’s consumer programme”You and Yours” today it was revealed how John Lewis are looking to fleece their staff right before Christmas. Staff contracts at John Lewis state that if an employee works more than 40hrs in a week then they will be paid time and a half. You and Yours revealed how John Lewis have threatened staff to decline their time and a half entitlement or the overtime will be given to temp staff who will work at the basic rate.

The retail sector is indeed struggling at the moment. But instead of acting in ways to motivate and boost morale in their employees during the busy holiday season, John Lewis are opting for short-changing and blackmail.

Suddenly John Lewis’s decision to continue advertising in hate-filled and degrading right wing newspapers doesn’t seem that strange. They are treating their own employees with the same level of contempt that The Daily Mail, The Express and The Sun treat other human beings.