I thought I would share a question that I have submitted to The Morning Star.

This week’s weekend edition on the newspaper is an interesting read and has long features about Fidel Castro and Cuba to mark the passing of the Cuban leader and his funeral procession.

But to me, there are some obvious gaps in The Morning Star’s commentary on Cuba. So I have submitted this comment to The Morning Star;

I enjoy reading The Morning Star and I have been enjoying this weekend addition and it’s features on Cuba.
However, so far I have not come across even a passing reference of humans rights violations or Casto’s dictatorship. To not discuss these things, even to attempt to try and challenge the narrative is highly suspect to me.
I wondered if there was a piece or any attempt by The Morning Star to discuss these issues?
How do you square the widely reported restrictions to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression with progressing socialism which, to me and many others, is about freedom?
This edition is a love-in which doesn’t appear to tackle these difficult questions.

I will keep you updated with regards to any response.