On a trip to New York to give her first address to the UN, Theresa May has managed to squeeze in a meeting with the media Godfather Rupert Murdoch. Original source

 Writing about the power and influence of the media, and particularly Murdoch’s empire, is nothing new. Most people would probably agree that the media has a large influence over what we think, what we see and how we understand the world around us. Murdoch owns the best selling newspaper in the UK and is exceptionally wealthy.

What surprises me is the readiness with which we are willing to accept that our whole concept of the world and reality is enormously influenced by the very wealthy. Despite the fact that this ‘top of the top 1%’ have very special interests not aligned with our own. We barely blink at news that a wealthy, influencial media mogul has gained access to the prime minister; something that 99.9% of us will never do.

Murdoch’s interests are very different from ours. Whatever side you were on in the Brexit debate, if you voted to Leave I would imagine it was to do with sovereign control of the UK and the right to run our own affairs. 

Murdoch, whose media helped to spearhead the Leave campaign, was asked why he was opposed to the EU and replied as follows;

“That’s easy. When I go in to Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice”

Rupert Murdoch

I’m fairly certain that if you voted to Leave you didn’t consciously opt for Murdoch having greater control, but that is fast becoming the reality of Brexit; a neoliberal playground in which the wealthiest in our society will continue to exploit the rest of us.

The reason this all really grates on me though is that at the same time these wealthy and powerful folk have enormous control over our country the Conservative government tell us we live in a meritocracy. That means you get rewarded for the effort you put in; if you are successful it is because you worked hard and if you’re down and out, that’s your own lookout.

But we know there is no meritocracy, no equality and scarcely any democracy. If you come from the right background and/or know influencial people in the right places, then you will be more successful. If you come from a low-income background, chances are you will die on a low income having had limited opportunities. 

Now we can say money isn’t everything, which of course it shouldn’t be and money certainly is necessary for happiness and fulfillment. But unfortunately in an unfettered free market capitalist economy like ours, money is everything. It can buy you a meeting with the highest public office in the country for example.

We need to change the way our country is run. At the moment I believe our best hope for doing that is backing the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for the Labour Party and our country. I am no party tribalist and have changed my colours more than once in general election voting. At this time though, Corbyn’s Labour Party provide our best hope at a more fair and just society. 

Have a read here about Jeremy’s 10 pledges and see what you like;

  1. Full employment
  2. A secure homes guarantee
  3. Security at work
  4. A strong public NHS and social care
  5. A National Education service for all
  6. Action on Climate Change
  7. Public ownership and control of our services
  8. A cut in inequality of income and wealth
  9. Action to secure an equal society
  10. Peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy