After intense criticism for refusing to condemn Trump for banning entry to the US for people from Muslim countries Theresa May, our Prime Minister – who is being praised for tough stances by the right wing press – has now finally given her view on Trump’s executive order…

…May “does not agree”.

Jesus. The strength of that statement right? May’s spokesperson has said;

“…we do not agree with this kind of approach and it is not one we will be taking”

Strong stuff! That’ll be that special relationship working then will it? 

But then did we expect anything better from a leader who this week has backed Trump in spite of his advocating torture? Or whilst she was signing a £100 million deal with Erdogan, the rising dictator of Turkey?

It’s my belief that Trump’s order to ban Muslims from entering the US will be looked back on as one of the major turning points in the US’s march towards becoming a fascist state with one of this century’s most frightening leaders. Hitler did not start off with the Holocaust; the Nazis built up to it. I think history will judge how the rest of the world did or did not intervene at this early point of Trump’s tyranny.
The ban has been dealt a blow this morning by a federal judge who has ordered the release of some people trying to enter the US who were enroute when Trump signed the order. It is a move that is likely to frustrate Trump and his administration; will judicial power over the executive be in the line of sight for Trump now?