Despite the speculation, Lewis probably isn’t looking to challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership.

For the last few days there has been a lot of speculation that the Shadow Defence Secretary might be looking to challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership since stepping down from the front bench in protest at the Brexit vote.

After his vigorous defence at Labour’s party conference of the Trident nuclear missile system and its renewal, I have not found myself swooning about Clive Lewis like much of the Labour Party have been. 
But it seems that speculation about his possible leadership challenge have been quite wide of the mark given Lewis’s recent Facebook update*;

The post reads “Hey take out from someone that knows – it’s total destabilising, bollox. Don’t even entertain the notion that I’m disloyal to the twice  democratically elected leader of this party.

So unless Clive Lewis is an extraordinary bare face liar – of Tony Bliar proportions – then I will assume that any leadership challenge is unlikely to come from Lewis.

Having said that, it is my firm belief that the wheels are still firmly in motion to derail Corbyn’s leadership. With the united front of the overwhelmingly right wing press protecting the interests of the very wealthiest in our society – what hope does a socialist really have?
*I wrote this blog piece based on info that has been shared with me on social media. But I will add that I have not been able to verify the post was genuinely from Clive Lewis after all. However, since I wrote this this morning, Lewis has since refuted claims that he will be challenging Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to the mainstream media. On balance, I think the post is probably genuinely from Clive Lewis’ personal Facebook account, but I have no way to verify this and it could be fabrication.