I started this blog for two main reasons;

  1. To shift some of my political thoughts away from Facebook to a space where I could give them a little more depth
  2. To keep a sort of online diary of sources, information and my own opinions whilst I was writing my Masters thesis

I think that I have achieved the first goal in part. Although instead of replacing political Facebook posts wth blogs I now simply have two spaces where I put out my opinions!

In terms of the second aim I have now finished my studies and so I don’t need to keep a log in quite the same way. It is such a relief to finish the main bulk of my work but I need to now work out what I do with this blog. Do I keep it going? Should I change the focus? Hasn’t the focus changes recently anyway? Moving more to a current affairs commentary rather than a personal blog?

So whilst I think about this, my posts will be sporadic – I hardly have a large dedicated readership, so I suspect this won’t cause any major consternation.