The single worst quality a person can have must be narcissism. I am not going to pretend to be a psychologist and I discuss narcissism in a non-clinical way. I suppose when I think of narcissism I think of how we apply it in a general way, not as a diagnosis.

The Oxford dictionary definition is as follows; “Excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance”.

On both a social and individual level narcissism has to be one of the most destructive qualities. Experienced in personal relationships, narcissism shows itself as abuse, neglect of others’ needs and when it is a trait of the powerful it leads to corruption, even fascism.

If you have been unfortunate enough to see narcissism up close and personal, you will know how ruinous it can be. I often suspect that the narcissist knows not that they have this flaw as to be a narcissist is to think about oneself but not in any kind of reflective way. The narcissist is consumed with their own needs, wants and desires, and they are very good at expressing when they feel that what they demand hasn’t been met. They trample over kinder gentler people who put others first.

When we look around at the current world stage it is possible to see plenty of narcissists. In the UK we have a Prime Minister who was so cock sure of herself that she called an election to boost her majority, only to subsequently lose. But in that defeat Theresa May remains defiant and apparently oblivious to her own weak position. Her party for narcissists blunders on with the epitome of collective narcissistic policies, Brexit.

Then we look across at the Americans who are led by narcissism personified; Donald Trump. Rattling around Asia currently and antagonising the equally pig-headed North Korean Kim Jong-un whose narcissism takes his country to another level in declaring a death sentence for Trump for insulting him.

Being entirely self-obsessed is incompatible with living communally with others. Humans are crucially linked in infinite ways to each other and the planet, we cannot live apart from one-another. This is why, for me, narcissism is the antithesis of society. And yet it is interesting how much narcissism we see and how much it is encouraged through consumerism, the media and the like.




This is the first blog post that I have written in a while; life has not really allowed it between children, work and moving home. Returning to the blog, I wanted to write but also wanted to try something different and still bring in some of my interests which led to earlier blogs. I have used a “Thought Question” to spur this one along and have enjoyed doing it.