Not Without Us

a blog by Alex on politics, community and social justice

About the Author


Who am I?
I’m Alex. I live in the South West with my family. I’ve worked in housing, homelessness and community based roles since and graduated from university with a degree in the social sciences.

Why and What

I decided to start writing this blog essentially to stop me posting such long and rambling updates to social media. I have some views around social justice, equality and economics that I like to share and wanted to have a better platform from which to do that.

This blog is entirely independent and is comprised of my own views. However, I think it important that you are aware of my bias if you want to read my blog. Everyone has bias, the only people you need to worry about are those who pretend they don’t. 

With that in mind it is useful for you to know that I am currently a member of the Labour Party, having joined in July 2016. I had previously been a member of the Green Party on and off since 2006. I voted for, and was vocal about, remaining in the EU although I acknowledge that it has weaknesses.

Not Without Us

Not Without Us derives from the popular saying “Nothing About Us Without Us” and is a phrase typically used to indicate that no policy or decision should be taken without full participation by those who would be affected by it.

In writing a blog with social, political and economic comment it seems right to utilise this message because ordinarily our voices are excluded from comment on these things. Blogs, social media and the like offer us all an opportunity to make our views known.